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Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL)

Directing Professor

Deborah Jessee


Most people want to know that they’re getting what has been advertised to them, and more importantly, what they are paying for. This study seeks to determine if the espoused values of a midsized independent school in southwest Virginia match with the lived values of its final product: its alumni. Based on alumni narratives, the study will examine whether the school has accurately represented their values and beliefs in printed materials from the 1960’s to the present or if there are any major discrepancies. First, printed materials spanning the decades the school has been open will be gathered and evaluated. Next, interviews will be conducted with a selection of alumni spanning the same time frame. These personal narratives will then be compared to the marketing review to identify any inconsistencies or themes throughout. This will allow the school in the study a unique perspective on their students and their mission, and on a larger scale, it will also provide insight for the independent school community as a whole.