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Monday, April 5th

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Etiology and Symptomatology: The Potential Role of the Gut Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

Hannah V. Schleupner, Hollins University

C-Glycosylation Through Reductive Halide Atom-Transfer Reaction with Photo-irradiation

Jaclyn Ward, Hollins University
Mary Rash, Hollins University
Kaitlyn Okin, Hollins University

Characterization of Ph2PCH(CH3)PPh2 by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Holly Moak, Hollins University

Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) prefer foraging locations with reduced abundance of the invasive sea grass, Halophila stipulacea

Katie Bushing, Hollins University
Ellie Song, Hollins University
Breanne Sharp, Hollins University
Morgana Costanzo, Hollins University

Gross Domestic Product Forecasting Model

Pragya Khanal, Hollins University

Non-Linear Differential Equations Models for Interacting Species with a Focus on Predator-Prey

Sara Neal, Hollins University

Proposing Prometheus: Photobiomodulation and the Future of Medicine

Alayna Pruitt, Hollins University

Tackling the Wedding Seat Arrangement Problem

Sam Lake, Hollins University

The influence of infant formulas on the growth of commensal and pathogenic Streptococcus species in the infant oral cavity

Geneva Waynick, Hollins University

Two diphosphines and the dirhenium compounds derived from them

Hannah Arthur, Hollins University

Understanding the effects of familiarity on cross-race eyewitness identification accuracy in lineups

Soha Munir, Hollins University

Unfairness and Discrimination in Machine Learning

Megan Bull, Hollins University

Tuesday, April 6th
6:30 PM

The role of edge effects in emerald ash borer infestation and forest regeneration

Bronte Hoefer, Hollins University
Madison Hill, Hollins University
Catherine Kirkpatrick, Hollins University

Zoom: Pre-registration required

6:30 PM

Use of LYMESIM 2.0 to assess the potential for single and integrated management methods to control blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis; Acari: Ixodidae) and transmission of Lyme disease spirochetes

Shravani Chitineni, Hollins University

Zoom: Pre-registration required

6:30 PM

Wednesday, April 7th
6:30 PM

A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Self-Concept Clarity, Stigma, Psychological Distress, and Help-Seeking

Hinza Malik, Hollins University

Zoom: Pre-registration required

6:30 PM

Synthesis and evaluation of the rhodamine- and biotin- probes for detection of cysteine containing proteins

Kaitlyn Okin, Hollins University
Jaclyn Ward, Hollins University
Maria Jdid, Hollins University
Mary Rash, Hollins University
Keyazia Taylor, Hollins University

Zoom: Pre-registration required

6:30 PM