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MA: Theatre and New Play Development

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Wendy-Marie Martin


Girls’ Studies is a relatively new academic field characterized by its focus on the complexity of girlhood experiences and understanding girl as a unique social identity separate from the notion of future women. In bringing Girls' Studies theory into the work of theatre scholarship and new play development, I present a framework for the interdisciplinary field of Girls' Theatre Studies. Chapter One is an exploration of girlhood presentations in contemporary theatre through a postfeminist lens. Examining the theatrical manifestations of the "female victim-hero” in contemporary presentations of girlhood, I argue that girl audiences are able to feel with and through these victim-heroes to release their own feelings of frustration and rage. Chapter Two upholds a central commitment of Girls' Studies scholarship, the inclusion of girls' voices in the work through the inclusion of young people in the new play development process. Bringing Girls’ Studies theory into the rehearsal room disrupts traditional structures of power and builds space for girls to be experts of their own stories and to have agency in crafting representations of girlhood on stage.

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The purpose of the MFA in Playwriting thesis is to provide a definitive record of student progress upon completion of the degree. This text will not reflect any revisions to the play made after degree completion. For the most current version of the play, or for licensing information, please contact the author and/or the Hollins Playwriting Department.

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