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MALS: Leadership

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Andrew Matzner



This research study examines the role of grit in the success of Kenyan immigrants in the United States. It shows the importance of having the grit predisposition in order to achieve long term goals and gives an illustration as to why grit is more relevant than IQ in the accomplishment of long term goals. It will also examine the importance of learning from a motivational point of view and the downsides of constant praise that is given to talented people or people with high IQ. Finally, it will investigate how Kenyan immigrants with grit handled challenging situations that they faced while in the United States and the positive outcomes that resulted after their decision to be passionate on their set goals. A qualitative approach was selected as the research design for this study, through the use of unstructured interviews.

The research findings indicate that grit contributed to the success of the five Kenyan immigrants in the United States. Challenges that people face in life can lead to feelings of worthlessness and giving up on set goals. However, the grit predisposition present in all the five participants in the study enabled them to overcome their challenges as noted in the findings and they all accomplished their set goals.