2015 Conference Winners

Exploring Ideas: Hollins Honors Program Projects

First Place
“Into the Blue: The Universal Essence of Color Between Lapis Lazuli and Mayan Blue”
Madi Hurley ’17, art/business
Rory Keeley ’17, mathematics

Second Place
“Historical Hysteria”
Emili McPhail ’18, communication studies/international studies
Amanda McVey ’18, English
Elizabeth Trout ’17, political science/communication studies
Amelia Verkerk ’18, classical studies

Third Place
“#FirstTimeFeminists: An Engagement of Young Females in the Feminist Activist Movement”
Cierra Earl ’18, undeclared
Taylor Humin ’17, English with creative writing
Danielle Raymond ’18, English with creative writing

Exploring Contemporary Issues in Science and Society

First Place
“Brenda’s Baby’s Got a Gun: Open Carry Activism as a Tool for White Privilege”
Lachelle Roddy ’15, political science

Second Place
“The Effects of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on Human and Environmental Health”
Alexis Banaszak ’18, biology

Second Place
“Racism in France: The Intersection Between Immigration, Economy, and the Far Right”
Marissa Richerson ’17, environmental science

Exploring Culture through Art and Religion

First Place
“Oil Painting: Associations Between Color and Mood”
Georgina Bellhouse ’16, studio art

Second Place
“Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art: The People’s Museum”
Allison Schmitt ’15, art history/history

Exploring Questions in Math and Science – Poster Presentation

Third Place
“Applications of Abstract Algebra: Symmetry in Spanish Arab Tile Patterns”
Caitlin Orzechowski ’15, mathemactics

2014 Conference Winners

First Place
Amanda Parsons - "Karate"
Cecelia Parks - "'As good almost kill a man as kill a good book': Censorship and the Development of the Public Sphere in the English Civil War and Today"
Cynthia Romero - "Mercedes and Eugenia: A Salvadorean Love Story"

Second Place
Adeiye Pilgrim - "Cloning and Characterization of Ss-cyp-13, a Gene Encoding a Cytochrome p450 in the Parasitic Nematode, Strongyloides stercoralis"
Madchen Specht - "Can the Bible be Saved? Feminist Responses to Christianity"
Kindra Wyatt - "The Helpless Daughter of India - American Media Representations of a Gendered Global South"

Third Place
Christine Somersett - "Newton's Fractals All Around: Newton's Methods and Fractals"
Sarah Landauer - "Immortal Evolution: The Search for Eternal Life from Ancient Taoism to Modern Science"
Grace Gorski - "Wirewalker: Poems"

2013 Conference Winners

Rachel O'Connell's (English) "One Summer Morning" - 1st place
Mary-Claire Brickell's (English) "Spoons" - 2nd place
Brandie Gray's (English) "Not My America" - 3rd place

Jessica Sharp's (Psychology) "The Physiology and Psychology of Anxiety" - 1st place
Chesley Ammermann's (Chemistry and Psychology) "Synthesis of dppmCN to assign chemical shift values to methylene hydrogens of dppm in cis-Re2(O2C-4-C5H4N)2Cl2(dppm)2" - 2nd place
Alicia Johns' (Mathematics) "Revision and Analysis of a Mathematical Model for the Rate of Production of HbA1C Levels in Diabetic Patients" - 3rd place

Victoria West's (Communication Studies and Political Science) "A Style of His Own: A Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama" - 1st place
Bethny Barrett's (English) "Argumentative Analysis of the Massachusetts Transgender Debate" - 2nd place
Leah Ilana Craig's (History) "Vichy France, Foreign-Born Jews, and the Velodrome d'Hiver" - 3rd place

2012 Conference Winners

Kayla Oelhafen's (English) "How Do You Identify?" - 1st place
Calisto Thompson's (Interdisciplinary) "Binary Wars" - 2nd place
Jaclyn Donnelly's (English-Creative Writing and Studio Art) "The Dragon Prince" - 3rd place

Sarah Jarosinkski's (Biology) "Prevalence of Intranasal Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Racehorses Stabled at an Equine Racetrack" - 1st place
Chesley Ammerman's (Psychology and Chemistry) "The Effect of Negative Air Ions on Seasonal Affective Disorder, Blood Oxygen, and Pulse Rate" - 2nd place
Nancy VanNoppen's (Studio Art) "Experimentations in Mixed Media Painting" - 3rd place

Sarah Stone's (History and English-Creative Writing) "The American Volunteer Group: Military Success or Publicity Stunt?" - 1st place
Kelsey Deforest's (Political Science) "Crisis Mode: A Social Movement's Applications of Apologia During a Rhetorical Crisis" - 2nd place
Kylie McCormick's (History and English-Creative Writing) "The Slave and the Sabbath" - 3rd place