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Bonnie Bowers


As technology continues to grow, one of the most used technology in the world is social media. There are positive and negative side to the use of social media. It has become easier to connect with people throughout the world without needed to leave our home. However, one dangerous side effect of social media use is the risk of developing an addiction. This study looks at the correlation between social media addiction and other types of addiction; Caffeine, Gaming, and Nicotine. It also looks at the relationship between social media addiction, Satisfaction with Life, and Anxiety. A convenience sample N=63 consisting of undergraduate female university student in Virginia was used. Different scales were used to complete this study, notably, the Social Media Addiction Measure (SMAM), the Caffeine Consumption Questionnaire (CCQ), the Gaming Addiction Identification Test (GAIT), Penn State [Electronic] Cigarette Dependence Index, the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWL) and the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI). Pearson r and Spearman rho was then calculated to assess the relationship between substances. Gaming addiction and caffeine consumption were positively correlated with anxiety. However, compared to previous studies no other correlations was found between addiction measures. Sample size used in previous study was larger and included male participants. This current study raises the opportunity for further research on the topic using different population.