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Anywhere there is light enough to read a script and space enough for an audience to gather, No Shame can happen. The first No Shame was done from the back of a pick up truck in a parking lot because no “real” theatre would have us. After weeks of performing in the rain and snow, the University of Iowa theatre department decided not to let us die of exposure and invited us inside, where we’ve been a forum for new work for almost twenty years. No Shame can happen anywhere, but this book is geared toward helping you set up an indoor No Shame, either on campus or in a non-campus “real world” theatre space. There are benefits and problems unique to each, and since we’ve done both, we figured it was about time to give you the benefit of our experience in setting up and maintaining a No Shame theatre franchise. The rest is up to you. If you don’t do it, who the heck will? Featuring structure and format for No Shames both on- and off- campus, No Shame administration and publicity models, the history of No Shame, and resources.