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Art can be as tangible as objects. Art can also be as intangible as ideas. Art exists in multiple forms, such as painting, music, literatures, dancing, acting, and so on, which at the same time defines the form of theatre art. The multi-dimensional nature of theatre art is complex and requires a lot from people, including time, money, and effort. Such effort is not singular but rather diverse and multi-layered. It not only requires people to have contributive skills but also the ability to bind together the skills that different people have. Theatre is collaborative by nature, so communication is key. When people’s attention is drawn to the performance itself, the communication work behind the curtain is often left overlooked, which results in a lack of acknowledgement of people’s commitment and contribution and a lack of opportunity for improvement. Therefore, this project aims to illuminate the leadership and internal communication in a team, accompanied by a podcast episode “From Vision To Practice: A Conversation with Wendy-Marie.” Following Chapter One: Leadership and Internal Communication, which examines and evaluates group communication from a leadership and internal communication perspective, is Chapter Two: Practical Component describing the production of a podcast episode, and Chapter Three: Reflections and Artistic Analysis which recounts my artistic journey and my growth at Hollins University as a double major in Communication Studies and Theatre.