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MFA in Screenwriting

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Joe Gilford


What does it take to make the MLB? In the feature screenplay, Catch, by Eric London, brothers Austin and Garrett chase their dream of being drafted to the big leagues. Their coach, and father, leads them through the process of being scouted. He would define his coaching style as, “tough love,” or, “what it takes to go pro,” while others may call it abuse. Austin and Garrett must tackle their toxic relationship with each other and their father during their journey to the MLB draft.

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The purpose of the MFA/MA Thesis in Screenwriting and Film is to provide a definitive record of student development and achievement in the program prior to completion of the degree. The thesis does not reflect any revisions to work made subsequent to the degree completion. If you would like to read a more current version of the screenplay or inquire about optioning agreements, please contact the author or the Hollins Graduate Screenwriting and Film Department.

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