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MFA in Screenwriting

Directing Professor

Joe Gilford


The road to redemption is not only rocky but contains detours and a large U-turn. In the feature screenplay, Get Your Kiss on Route 66, Piper Malone tries to run away to invoke justice. However, on her journey along The Mother Road, her trip is happily hijacked by Lincoln O'Malley, who is trying to make an escape of his own. Together to two fated fugitives aid and abet each other in gaining the same epiphany: you can't run away from it. In order for you to solve injustice and heal wounds you have to go back and face the source. The real journey is what you gain from colliding with your hardships head on.


Thanks to Joe Gilford for reigning in my elaborate ideas. My best friend Katie Lehenbauer for talking me off multiple ledges when I wanted to quit Last but not least my furbabies Bear and Oliver for their emotional support.

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The purpose of the MFA/MA Thesis in Screenwriting and Film is to provide a definitive record of student development and achievement in the program prior to completion of the degree. The thesis does not reflect any revisions to work made subsequent to the degree completion. If you would like to read a more current version of the screenplay or inquire about optioning agreements, please contact the author or the Hollins Graduate Screenwriting and Film Department.