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MFA in Screenwriting

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Brian Price


In the feature screenplay, You're Gonna Lose That Girl, by Bill True, fifty-something Jason Kite blames his failed life on getting dumped twenty-five years ago during a slow-dance cover of the iconic Beatles song. Then Paul McCartney, who is actually a wizard of space and time, shows up and sends Jason back in time to the fateful weekend to play wingman to his younger self in order to stop the breakup from happening and, in the process, fix Jason’s life.

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The purpose of the MFA/MA Thesis in Screenwriting and Film is to provide a definitive record of student development and achievement in the program prior to completion of the degree. The thesis does not reflect any revisions to work made subsequent to the degree completion. If you would like to read a more current version of the screenplay or inquire about optioning agreements, please contact the author or the Hollins Graduate Screenwriting and Film Department.

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