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Intersectional feminism informed how literary scholar bell hooks understands and interacts with the world. As a result, feminism is deeply intertwined in all of her commentaries and sociocultural analyses. In her 2003 book We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity, hooks writes about how male masculinity and blackness interact with each other in this society. Her proclivity towards feminism isn’t restrained. A majority of the book is dedicated to understanding how toxic patriarchy has victimized and empowered black men, specifically seeking to examine their relationship with black women. However, black masculinity in women is an area that hooks does not address in her book. Black lesbians have a vibrant subculture that has been informed by and marginalized by black men. In understanding hooks’ intersectional views on black men, it is important to also understand how black masculinity interacts with all aspects of gender. The purpose of this paper will be to examine, through bell hooks’ understandings of black men, how masculinity and the patriarchy also shape the lives of black lesbians.


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