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This thesis focuses on the French communities of queer women, defined as women existing outside of the heterosexual majority. I focus on musicians Christine and the Queens and SoKo . The question I explore in this thesis is: How does independent music act as a space of resistance for queer women in France? My intention is to explore these spaces of resistance within French independent music and examine the importance of these delineations in a current turbulent time. My findings are that independent music, using authenticity, creates an environment of openness to sharing experience and, within this feminized space of honesty, creates a space of resistance. I break down this analysis into three specific areas: femininity within music, music as an act of resistance, and constructing identity within music. Each includes discourse analysis of lyrics, interviews, and social media.


Undergraduate Research Awards - 2018 Finalist, Junior-Senior category.

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Rachael Walker- Research Award submission essay