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Presidential tenure


Biographical Data

Personal: b. 1949, Illinois.

Education: University of Illinois; University of Oslo; Harvard University.

Family: Husband: Ulf.

Previous Employment: Vice President for Academic Affairs at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

After Hollins: Director of the Wang Center for International Programs at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

Other: Dissertation on marriage in the Scandinavian novel

Events that took place during tenure

  • Inauguration on November 8, 1996.
  • Construction and Renovation: dedication of Wyndham Robertson Library, planning for the New Fine Arts Center begins, Moody Center renovations.
  • Alumnae Association celebrated its centennial anniversary.
  • Hollins became a University.
  • Academic Changes: M.A. program in Psychology discontinued; M.A. in Screenwriting and Film Studies established.
  • Nov. 2000—One of the closest national elections in history took place between Al Gore and George W. Bush, with Gore winning the popular vote but Bush winning the electoral vote, and eventually the election.


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