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Presidential tenure


Biographical Data

Personal: b. 1934, London, England; family moved to New York in 1959.

Education: B.A. and M.A. from Somerville College (Oxford University), D. Phil. Organic Chemistry at Oxford in 1959; post-graduate work at the University of Rochester (New York).

Family: Husband: Thomas; Children: Elizabeth, Ken, Clare.

Previous Employment: Research chemist, faculty member at Rutgers University; Dean of Faculty at Union College.

After Hollins: President of the Association of American Colleges (Washington, D.C.).

Other: Plays cello, piano, and recorder; co-founder of the Roanoke Educational Consortium.

Events that took place during tenure

Inauguration on April 4, 1982.

Construction and Renovation: Riding Center, Northen Swimming Center, Gymnasium; renovation of Fishburn Library; acquisition of Huff Farm Barn; Sulphur Spring is moved.

Hollins receives 18 computers through a grant from IBM for a student microcomputer laboratory.

“The Rock” gets its first coat of paint.

Academic Changes: HollinSummer Program first offered.

The Flood of ’85.

Hurricane Hugo (September 1989).


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