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Presidential tenure


Biographical Data

Personal: 1923-2011, a native of Chicago, known as “Jay.”

Education: Yale University, B.A. 1946, M.A. 1951, Ph.D. 1954.

Family: Wife: Ann; Children: Douglas.

Previous Employment: U.S. Army, assistant professor of History at Yale.

After Hollins: President of Independent College Funds of America (now Foundation for Independent Higher Education in New York City, 1975-1986.

Other: Authority on American diplomatic history.

Events that took place during tenure

  • Inauguration on April 14, 1962.
  • Construction and Renovation: Tinker Dormitory, Dana Science Building, Hollins College Apartments acquired, President’s House built, development of the first long-range, comprehensive master campus plan, including the moving of Carvin’s Creek, “The Rock” is dug up and placed near Dana Science Building.
  • 125th Anniversary celebration; the first Hollins Medal is awarded on Founder’s Day as part of the celebration.
  • Academic Changes: The “New Curriculum” adopted, Short Term established, independent exam system adopted, Master of Art and Liberal Studies (MALS) program established, Hollins Abroad London started, Continuing Education (now Horizon Program) established.
  • The Hollins Critic, published by the English Department, is established.
  • Francis Niederer’s Hollins: an Illustrated History is published.
  • Hollins gets its first computer.
  • Last May Day celebration, student protests regarding the Kent State incident, integration, Vietnam.


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