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Table of Contents:

  • Hollins Adopts New Curriculum
  • Seniors Graduate Amid Talks, Teas
  • Pam Bent Receives Award For Athletics
  • Traylor Named New Chaplain
  • New Faculty Is Announced
  • Curriculum Praised
  • Seniors, We Love You
  • HA'ers Celebrate Spring With Zest
  • Motivation Is Our Problem
  • Cooper Praises Ambler's View
  • Paper-Picker Blasts Columns
  • Graduation Festivities Scheduled
  • Lacrosse Team Ends A Successful Season
  • Diercks To Return For Concert Here
  • Graduates Attend Alumane College
  • $1,000 Fund Proposes To Aid SGA Officers
  • Curriculum Changes Courses
  • Johnson Leaves Hollins For Continued Education
  • Various Trees Give Charm To Campus
  • Papers Have Doubled Value
  • Grad Students Discuss Hollins
  • Recital Will Be Presented By Loperena
  • Diana Coe Become Stewardess
  • Smith To Speak On War Liaison
  • Constitutional Changes Slated
  • Improvements Give Campus New Face
  • W&L Students View Sunners
  • Students Seek Funds For Sauna
  • Heather Albrecht Receives Grant
  • Seniors Review Past Years
  • This Was The Year That Was
  • Children Will Give Recital
  • Hostesses Lead Exciting Life

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Hollins Columns (1966 May 17)