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Table of Contents: New Talent on Campus Shines in Freshman Plays: Fall Play Announced—Dowell Explains Neutral Dangers—Search Sweeps Campus—American Art on Exhibition Here—Hollins Participates in National Poll of Student Opinion—Army Invades Campus and Takes Community by Surprise—Distinguished Pianist Gives Recital Here: Selections are Varied—First Meeting of Legislative Held—Hollins Student Life Staff—Come to the I.R.C.—Wanted-Campus Views—Parade of Opinion—We Who Are Awake—Ten Years Ago At Hollins—Under the Dome—Dr. Robinson Ends European Travels—Holland Youth Expresses Views: The Following is a Letter Received by a Hollins Freshman—Many Interesting Books Added to Library Shelves—A.D.A.’s All Add an Alphabet—Music Majors Direct Business of Association—Echoes of Hitler’s Peace Speech: From “Facts in Review,” Issued by German Library of Information—Miss Randolph Talks on U.S. Neutrality—Career Girl Makes Successful Wife: Survey Proves Theory—Seals at Work (picture)—Annual Gymkhana Features Varied Costume Races—First Issue of “Cargoes” Goes to Press October 25—Kitchen Staff Fill Mammoth Task in Feeding Hungry Hollins Girls—New Awards Create Interest in “Vogue” Contest—Collegiate World—The Social Whirl—Clothes-lines—Dos and Don’ts for the College Lady—Collegiate Review—Dramatics in College Prove Good Background—Sport Slants—Hollins May Participate in Intercollegiate Games—Let’s Go to the Record Shop

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Hollins College


Roanoke, Va.


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Hollins Student Life (1939 Oct 25)