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Table of Contents:

  • 'Drinking Petition' Ends With Whimper
  • Far Eastern Specialist To Speak
  • Cast Announced For Anouilh Play
  • Aldridge Will Be Writer in Residence
  • Honorary Society Taps Ten
  • Grapheon Elects Four Members
  • Honor Court Faces Responsibility Admirably
  • Teaching Machines Present Problem to Professor
  • Positive Reinforcement Is the Thing
  • Experience Leads to Maturity
  • Easier To Say 'Yes' Than 'No'
  • Can Machines Replace Teachers
  • Are Hours What We Need?
  • Defeat of Petition Is Unfair
  • Paris Year Application Due Soon
  • 'Daddy's Playing Sailor' Little Wheelers Say
  • Riding Club To Haven Visiting Instructor
  • Professors Test Machine Learning
  • Election Schedule
  • Robert Gerle, Budapest Violinist, Will Give Recital Tuesday
  • Social Worker Exams To Be Given March 12
  • Splitstone Smith Attend Meetings
  • West Annex Defeats Faculty
  • Wandering Scholar Plan Is Revived
  • Everett Approves Petition
  • Sandusky Named For Trading Post
  • "Destination: Campus, Roanoke, and Vicinity"
  • The Question Is To Be or Not To Be:
  • New Books in Library

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Hollins Columns (1960 Mar 4)