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Table of Contents:

  • Waltz Me Around Again, Willie...
  • Music, Maestro, Please We're in the Mood to Dance the Whole Night Through...
  • You're Driving Me Crazy, the Nearness of You
  • Daisies in Friendship or Yesterday's Gardenia
  • Something To Remember You By...
  • As Time Goes By Fools Rush In-- Always...
  • And So Do I-- On Gloomy Sunday
  • I'll Get By
  • My Reverie When I Thought About You
  • Because I'll Remember Dancing in the Dark.....Maybe
  • Rumboogie
  • Did You Ever See a Dream Dancing?
  • Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week...
  • After All Is Said and Done...
  • Play, Fiddle, Play
  • A Little Bit About a Lot of Things
  • The Same Old Story
  • All Alone by the Telephone Pennsylvania 65-0-0-0
  • For Sentimental Reasons
  • To Each His Own or Among My Souvenirs
  • Things Ain't What They Used To Be
  • Day In, Day Out, Beware, It Could Happen to You
  • Open the Door, Richard or Nightmare
  • The One I Love or The Wreck of '97
  • Because--After Looking at You My Heart Belongs to Daddy!
  • Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf

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Hollins Columns (1947 Mar 8)