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Table of Contents:

  • Senter Is Elected Junior Officer
  • Necessary Price Rise Begins at Tea Room
  • Committee Studies Petition Problems
  • Winship to Edit Hollins Handbook
  • Hallowe'en Brings Spooks, Ghosts and Haunts to Hollins Campus, Special Banquet Celebration Will be Followed by Senior Stunts
  • Executive Council Coordinates Work
  • Isabel de Palencia Comes to Hollins; Authoress Speaks at Convocation
  • Swimming Club Grows; Members Take Tests
  • Cinema Guild Brings Film Here Saturday
  • Schedule of Events
  • This is Our Chance
  • We are Approved
  • A Salutation From the Seniors
  • Hollins Columns Presents the Second in a Series of News Analyses by Judy Weiss
  • Under the Dome
  • Music Association to Give Tea
  • But Who is Winken????
  • Community Concert Presents Singer
  • Successful Contest Held on Saturday
  • The Day After Tinker Day
  • Frills and Frolics
  • Students Perform at Recital of Friday 23
  • Pin Poll Reveals Hollins Popularity
  • Miss Jackson To Talk at Convocation
  • Skirting the Field
  • The Students Discuss Farming During War Time
  • Members of Teams To Be Announced
  • Two Hollins Girls Attend Meetings
  • Mr. Goodale offers Farewell Recital
  • Dorscheid Announces New Staff of Spinster
  • Classes Review College Rules

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Higher Education | Journalism Studies | Social History | United States History | Women's History

Hollins Columns (1942 Oct 24)