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Table of Contents:

  • Hollins Centennial Celebration Begins Sunday, May 17
  • Celebration Opens Sunday with Talk by Bishop Block
  • Centennial Dance to Mark Anniversary
  • Centennial Honors Shared With Ten Other Colleges
  • Dewey and Others Discuss Horizons Of Freedom Today
  • Dr. Comstock Speaks at Convocation Tuesday
  • Academic Symbols Are Interpreted
  • Calendar for the Centennial of Hollins College
  • It Has Not Been an Easy Task
  • The Lesson
  • Why Not Phi Beta Kappa At Hollins
  • New Horizons
  • Hollins Completes its 100th Year of Education for Women
  • Hollins College Has Unusual Record Three Presidents from 1846-1942 Include Founder and Daughter
  • Discipline Grows Liberal With Years; Privileges Few and Far Between For Valley Union Seminary Students
  • 'Miss Lizzie' Latane, Oldest Living Hollins Alumna Recalls Events, Ideals of College in Her Day
  • Charles Lewis Cocke Pulls School Through Wartime Hardships
  • 1890 Students Educated For Marriage Girls Interested in Woman Suffrage
  • Literary Clubs Fade Out In Stress of Modern Life
  • 1842 Hollins Girl Would Approve of Great Granddaughter's Life If She Could See Her Now
  • In '90's College Lass Had Choice of Three Major Spots; Basket Ball, Tennis, Bicycling Were Favorites
  • Taylow Gymnasium Has a Visitor From Past Nineteenth Century Damsel Pays a Call
  • Hollins Lady Principal Tells About Many Years of Touring Europe as Chaperon for Educational Trips
  • Hollins Girls Built Their Little Theatre With Spirit and Determination
  • Science Hall Fire of '25 Was a Nine-Day Wonder
  • Hollins Album Brings Back Memories; Pictures of Well-Loved Faculty Recall Traditional Anecdotes
  • Hollins War Activity Parallels That of 1917; College Cooperates with National Program Including Conservation and Preparedness
  • Freya Presents "Figures in a Dream" Goodale, Browning Direct Fantasy
  • Descendent of Colonel Tayloe Attends Hollins Graham Gwathney Carrie on Family Tradition
  • Second Hall West Echos Memories of Emma Jones
  • Heironimus Says
  • 1960 Alumna Finds Campus Beautified By New Buildings

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Hollins Columns (1942 May 16)