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Table of Contents:

  • McCleskey Takes Over Editorship of "Student Life"
  • Rising Seniors Elect Ann Trimble
  • Betty Smith Gives Senior Organ Recital
  • Wanted... a New Name for Student Life!
  • "Student Life" Falls to Second in National Rating
  • Dean Smith Speaks on Meaning of College
  • Student Body Elects Officials For Next Year; Installation Services Take Place on May 7th
  • Shirley Henn Heads "Cargoes"
  • Legislative Nears End of Work
  • V.M.I., V.P.I. Join Hollins Riders in Horse Show
  • Miss Sitler Speaks on Cost of Medical Care
  • "We Won't Be Over"
  • That Parting Word
  • It's Our Move First
  • Under the Dome
  • Society
  • History of Freya Shows Changes in Interpretation of Ideals
  • Butler Leads Senior Cotillion
  • Hollins Represented at Fair College Club
  • Hollins Hears Treaty Div'n Head
  • Poll Gallops Over Wisconsin
  • Pixies, May Queen, Spinsters, Freya Come on May Day
  • La Chiave Awards Made to Five
  • Clothes Lines
  • College Students Go to Church
  • College Students Prepare for Peace
  • May Days Have Impressive History
  • Quotable Quotes...
  • Bicycle, Walk, Ride, Row to New England Youth Hostels
  • Scribner's Offers Job for Contest Winner
  • A.C.P. Review...

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Student Life (1940 Apr 24)