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Table of Contents:

  • New Talents on Campus Shines in Freshman Plays
  • Dowell Explains Neutral Dangers
  • Search Sweeps Campus
  • American Art on Exhibition Here
  • Hollins Participates in National Poll of Student Opinion
  • Army Invades Campus and Takes Community by Surprise
  • Annual Series of Programs Begin
  • Distinguished Pianist Gives Recital Here
  • First Meeting of Legislative Held
  • Come to the I.R.C.
  • Wanted-Campus Views
  • We Who Are Awake
  • Ten Years Ago at Hollins
  • Parade of Opinion
  • Under the Dome
  • Dr. Robison Ends European Travels
  • Holland Youth Expresses Views
  • Many Interesting Books Added to Library Shelves
  • A.D.A.'s All Add an Alphabet
  • Music Majors Direct Business of Association
  • Echoes of Hitler's Peace Speech
  • Miss Randolph Talks on U.S. Neutrality
  • Career Girl Makes Successful Wife
  • Annual Gymkhana Features Varied Costume Races
  • First Issue of "Cargoes" Goes to Press October 25
  • Kitchen Staff Fill Mammoth Task in Feeding Hungry Hollins Girls
  • New Awards Create Interest in "Vogue" Contest
  • Collegiate World...
  • The Social Whirl
  • Clothes Lines
  • Dos and Don'ts for the College Lady
  • Collegiate Review
  • Halloween Features Senior Stunts
  • Dramatics in College Prove Good Background
  • Sport Slants
  • Hollins May Participate In Intercollegiate Games
  • Let's Go to the Record Shop

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Higher Education | Journalism Studies | Social History | United States History | Women's History

Student Life (1939 Oct 25)