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Table of Contents:

  • Annual Junior Fall Prom Held in Gymnasium Dec. 8
  • Hollins Singers Give Concert with W. and L.
  • Miss Jackson Discusses Farm Relief Problem
  • Y.W. Holds White Gift Service in Chapel
  • Dr. Marti to Rad Paper on Schelling
  • Dr. Mims Speaks in Recent Convocation
  • Christmas Drama Reveals Winnie Weaver as Madonna
  • "Alison's House" Given in Little Theatre
  • Student Forum
  • Christmas Gifts
  • A Stimulating Experience
  • Visits Campus
  • Welch and Sicard Give Xmas A.D.A. Stunt
  • Virginia Delegates Visit Here at Hollins College
  • Let's Revive the Dead
  • Let the New Live
  • Odds Defeat Evens 3-1
  • Odd-Even Banquet is Held in Dining Room
  • "Little Tests of Will Power"
  • Athletics
  • "What Every Woman Knows"
  • Should Grandma Be Told?
  • New Year's Resolutions
  • Miss Burnham Conducts Symphony Orchestra
  • Odd Cat Emerges Victor After a Muddy Battle
  • To Hold Straw Vote on the Point System
  • Campus Crumbs
  • Susanna Turner Speaks at Mary Baldwin College
  • I.R.C. Holds Debate on Arms and Munitions
  • Society
  • Music Department Holds Xmas Concert
  • John Powell Plays at Lecture Recital
  • Alumnae News
  • Lib William Wins Swimming Meet
  • Freshman Class Elects Officers
  • December Issue of "Cargoes" Offers Variety
  • Ten Little Cocktails
  • Y.W.C.A. Notes
  • The Procrastinator's Prayer
  • Dr. Smith Discusses November Elections
  • Ruth Bryan Owen Talks on Foreign Service
  • Y.W. Holds Xmas Party for Poor Children

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Student Life (1934 Dec 17)