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MFA: Children's Literature

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Hillary Homzie


As a student in the Children’s Literature master’s program, I stumbled into a writing crisis wondering why I, an adult, should be the one to write young adult literature. Through much research of what young adults yearned to write, I found YA fanfiction—something so precious and evocative I climbed out of my despair and back to the keyboard to honor the young adult authors of the world.

The Devil You Know is a YA Urban Fantasy in the vein of tropey fanfiction: full of societal issues, sexual exploration, and the push-pull of being saddled with expectations of maturity while having absolutely none of the rights and privileges associated with said adulthood.

Grayson, a charismatic outlaw in an immortal bike crew just wants to finish his crew's run and expose the corrupt people responsible for a missing girl, because he's been given a deal that could turn him and his best friend mortal again. But when he meets a guarded girl that’s into bike racing, who seems to have a past with the bad guy now standing in Grayson’s way, secrets he never wanted to deal with again are brought up.

Ever so tough and self-aware, Charity wants information from the outlaw biker because she has her own past trauma and vengeance with the bad guy, but Grayson refuses to trust her, so she must search for answers from the most dangerous of places—the bad guy himself—before her secrets are exposed and her whole family is at risk. What neither of them realize is how much they're connected, and why, from long before they ever knew each other—when Chaos created and entered both of their lives.

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