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MA: Children's Literature

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Dr. Lisa Rowe Fraustino


The purpose of this thesis was to develop a series of nonfiction picture books, Think Like a Scientist, to help children see themselves as scientists by stepping into the shoes of real-life scientists. Each book in the series focuses on a crosscutting concept (one of the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards) and how three scientists used the concept when making revolutionary discoveries. Novel to the series are strategically spaced questions that encourage readers to interact with the text by engaging in the same thought processes as real scientists. The series is intended support research-based elementary science education by incorporating phenomena and embedding effective questioning techniques. Think Like a Scientist introduces diverse STEM careers and scientists, scaffolds scientific thought and discussions for both children and adults, reveals the process behind interesting discoveries, and enriches a child’s understanding of the world.

Seven picture book manuscripts are followed by a critical essay that describes the series’ research basis, the reasoning behind strategic series development decisions, where the series fits within current nonfiction picture book publishing, and a detailed description of the series.

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The purpose of preserving this thesis document is to provide a definitive record of student progress upon completion of the degree. This text will not reflect any revisions to the manuscript made after degree completion. For the most current version of the work, please contact its author.