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MALS: Humanities

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Dr. William Krause


The purpose of this thesis is to provide a candid and preparatory exploration of grant writing as the foundational need for mid-sized multi-faceted arts facilities. Exploring the trials of an undergraduate discovering the nuances of a “secret” world that is often overlooked in traditional educational settings, the topics will cover a wide area within the non-profit sector. Delving into historical needs, coupled with detailed examples of established grants, create a foundation of understanding about the career, lifting the veil of secrecy for those interested in the occupation.

Items addressed include: a brief history of grants, the importance of grants in small to mid-sized multi-faceted arts organizations utilizing the history of an established non-profit located in Roanoke, VA, the Virginia Commission of the Arts 2017-18 fiscal year grant application, and addressing the importance of financial and ethical standards within the organization for an effective grant. We will explore what it means to be a grant writer, identifying the skills and talents necessary within ones’ self if grant writing is a logical and fulfilling career choice for a writer. A personal narrative concludes the research as I candidly share details regarding my own internship, obstacles, and triumphs.


The PDF Attachment is a copy of the Jefferson Center 2015 Annual Report and referenced in the attachments.