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MALS: Social Sciences

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Lorraine Lange


Abstract: The Silent Scream (a memoir) is one woman’s journey across six decades, dealing with physical and mental health conditions. Using vignettes and stream-of-consciousness, the author allows the reader to share lived experiences, demonstrating the interplay between cerebral palsy and childhood trauma. She analyzes 1) language development, 2) the power of biopsychosocial factors to create, intensify, recognize, manage, and mitigate stress, 3) the power of learning to identify and meet needs, and 4) the effectiveness of healthcare delivery and services. She advocates for trauma-informed and life-long learning, ongoing counseling, and increased awareness and proposes that engagement is its own outcome.

The memoir adds depth to lifespan care discourse, most specifically for those with a childhood-onset disability, cerebral palsy, and trauma, including insight into unique dynamics faced by military families. The compelling narrative may aid in identifying and meeting complex care needs, developing care models, and contextualizing treatment options and implications. Cerebral Palsy and comorbidities reverberate and have a generational impact. They should be viewed and treated holistically; Communication is vital to stability. Language development and ongoing learning help address needs and fears. Disabled individuals should be assisted in communicating and managing stress, building trusting relationships, and a stable environment.