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MALS: Social Sciences

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Joni C. Poff, Ed.D


High Schools offering a psychology course are not uncommon. High Schools implementing innovative, cross-curricular psychological science programs is uncommon. This project advocates for the inclusion of two-year psychology programs. It provides evidence of novel, scientific, meaningful experiences for students engaged in full-fledged psychology programs. The science of researching and understanding behavior and mental processes is a complex, advanced subject matter. It demands scientific literacy, analysis, and critical thought. A robust secondary psychology program with introductory and advanced placement courses accomplishes these demands. Like other sciences, psychology students acquire skills to delineate information from misinformation, ultimately allowing them to draw valid conclusions. These skills lay the foundation for work in specific fields of psychology ranging from clinical to forensic. The scope of inquiry is immeasurable for psychology-trained students. Whether investigating the pandemic's ramifications, institutional racism, addiction, mental illness stigmatization, cult behavior, or environmental factors on childhood development, psychology touches everything. More granularly, the program familiarizes students with mechanisms for identifying stressors, promoting self-awareness, recognizing the importance of healthy relationships, and thinking methodically about behavior. This program’s cross-curricular scientific design affords tangible and intangible skills that will endure. In advocating for this beneficial discipline, my project’s desired result is to weave a thread of psychology with other secondary curricula to teach students how to apply scientific principles to behavior.