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MALS: Social Sciences

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Dr. Harry Stevens



The Vintage Boutique was opened in the city of Danville, Virginia in 2012. This business is listed as a resale and green boutique. The boutique sells gently used vintage and vintaged inspired clothing and accessories. The boutique is unique in that we are using the boutique to teach the community about recycling and honoring our ancestors all in one step. This adventure has been well accepted by the community at large and we are proud to be going into our 10th year in business.


I embarked upon this project to bring awareness to the younger generation and generations to come about quality products and material that were once manufactured in the Unites States. Most of these products are now obsolete and we are filling our landfills with mass production of products to increase the carbon footprint. This in turn causes the warming of our climate and the greenhouse effect.


There was no one specific methodology used in this research. If I were to pick a methodology it would be the experimental design. Before opening the boutique, we did informal interviews with family and friends. We sold items in yard sales as well as the flea market arena. The controlled variable in this project was to open a vintage store in the area and be consistent with keeping it open for at least 5 years, and to see if customer base would continue to grow.


The findings and results of this project thus far has proven to be successful in terms of getting the word out about vintage clothing. The results also show that most people in the community are concerned about preserving our climate and not being wasteful. I would approximate that 75% of our clientele are customers who have been with us since the inception of the boutique.


The implication is that vintage and resell stores are here to stay. Vintage stores are opening at a record pace throughout the country and world. With the use of technology and computers customers can order from most parts of the world and receive products within weeks of doing so. Thrifting has become a way of life for shoppers who know quality and like to hunt for bargains.