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MALS: Interdisciplinary Studies

Directing Professor

Vladimir Bratic


Within the Roanoke Valley, young, college-educated women are obtaining and working in professional and/or business atmospheres. As young women enter the workforce after obtaining their college degrees, times will surface where they will need to choose how to handle varying levels of conflict in the workplace, and which communication style to utilize. Forms of communication were weighed, in order to find out how women in the workplace handle conflict. Also, a variety of research methods were examined; Interviews were a key component in the research process, and enabled the information to be as local as possible. Interview methods were dissected to find the most accurate style with regard to the questions in order to be both effective and efficient in obtaining the most truthful and pure data. This information was analyzed and broken down to discover perspectives on how young females handle conflict and their opinions on effectiveness as well. This thesis proposal, surrounding how young, college-educated females in the Roanoke Valley utilize communication in order to address conflict in the workplace, illustrates how the workplace operates in all types of circumstances, and cultivates methods to address fluctuating degrees of conflict in a professional atmosphere.