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MALS: Humanities

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William Krause


This thesis is both a survey of the components and considerations one must take when forming a concept for a children’s theater, as well as an analysis into the feasibility of founding a theater company in three vastly different locations in the country. The goal of this thesis is to determine which of these three locations will best serve the children’s theater in terms of logistics and the company’s mission. The structure of this thesis is partially inspired by the guidelines, or “milestones,” in the instructional book, Theatre Management: Arts Leadership for the 21st Century, by Anthony Rhine. Since these guidelines are better suited for companies that are ready to open their doors immediately, they have been modified as needed to better suit a company that is still in a theoretical stage. The thesis is divided into three chapters that make use of a mix of quantitative and qualitative research: the first chapter analyses the demographics of each area, the second chapter considers available repertoire that would be appropriate for each location, and the third chapter examines the various logistics and costs associated with founding a theater company.