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MALS: Leadership

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Dr. Abrina Schnurman


This is the historical account of the tall ship, or schooner, Sofia that sank on February 23, 1982, off the North Island of New Zealand, between Cape Reinga and North Cape. Of the 17 crew members on board, 16 of them made it into the life rafts. They were rescued by the Russian trawler Vasili Perov more than five days later. How the crew managed to survive in the life rafts is further examined through the adaptive leadership framework by Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky. Through this examination, the Sofia’s survival leadership is compared and contrasted to the Grafton and Invercauld, shipwrecks that stranded survivors on New Zealand’s Auckland Islands at the same time; each ship’s survival group unaware of the other.