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MALS: Social Sciences

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Dr. Lorraine Lange


Why is art an integral part of education at all levels? Misplacement of funds gives the illusion that no one cares about the art programs. The research will show that art integration improves student retention, focus, and skill. It will also show that art reduces stress in all ages of students and allows them to express emotions in ways they might not otherwise be able to do. Art helps students bridge gaps in all areas of their learning. This research paper will delve into the idea that art is a vitally important part of all education programs.

Art opens doors for students that might never see those doors opened. Nearly 80% of schools have seen budget cuts that directly impacted their art programs. Many school districts must make tough decisions about whether to cut a science teacher, a sports program, or an art program. Sadly, the art program is typically the first to go. Unfortunately, this impacts students across the board. Art integration is the use of art in all subject areas to broaden the scope of knowledge for children of all ages. Research shows that students who participate in art have higher retention in all subjects and receive higher scores on standardized tests. Teachers can use drawing to assist students with visualization in reading, students can draw their ideas to help them write a story, and they can doodle while listening to a lecture to improve retention. Art in all forms is a stress relief for students from preschool to college. Even if you are not a “good” artist, the act of coloring, drawing, or doodling has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a great way for students to express emotions that are difficult for them to vocalize. While some people do not agree, art in school is vitally important to all areas of a child’s learning.