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MALS: Social Sciences

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Dr. Jong Ra


Donald Trump stole the 2016 Presidential Election from Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump and his transition team have been under investigation since early 2017. It has become abundantly clear that his transition team was working with Russia to seal the election for Donald Trump. This essay argues that Donald Trump should be impeached on the grounds that he and his team colluded with Russia to win the presidential election. Donald Trump is unfit to hold office because he is not of sound mind because of his Twitter remarks aimed at foreign and domestic leaders. Donald Trump should be impeached for sexually assaulting numerous women. He should also be impeached on the grounds that he is a known racist. He has a history of saying and doing racist things. He even hired a racist, Steve Bannon, to advise him in the White House. The House of Representatives and the Senate should vote to impeach Donald Trump because he has committed a number of impeachable offenses. Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States and should be impeached.