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MALS: Social Sciences

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Dr.Peter Coogan


This work is a series of information that could be used as a foundation for lectures regarding American History. From the Gilded Age to just after World War II, it touches on events that affected history during the time period from 1870-1945.

Additional Files

ch16 pp.ppt (7686 kB)
Gilded Age

ch17 pp.ppt (10883 kB)
Politics, Segreagation, and Imperialism

ch18 pp.ppt (4955 kB)
Progressive Era 1900-1916

ch19pp.pptx (1830 kB)
World War I

ch20pp.pptx (198 kB)
1920s to the Great Depression

ch21pp.pptx (818 kB)
The New Deal

ch22pp.pptx (1655 kB)
World War II