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Lucy Marcus was Roanoke's Writer by Bus in 2019. This is a collection of short stories inspired by her bus rides.


Artist's Statement:

Thank you to the bus drivers who move us through the city every day, heatwave or downpour or snowstorm. And to the riders whose stories have moved me. To the man in the army jacket, who wrote by my side in his leather journal all the way from the VA Hospital to Campbell Court. To Mrs. Grace, who shared pictures of her seven grandkids on a rainy April day. To the little girl in blue barrettes, who watched with hands pressed to the window as JM Lamb’s “Wishes” rode by on a passing bus. I’m grateful, always, for the wisdom and generosity of Jordan Humphrey and Amy Tomasso. And finally, a huge thank you to the City of Roanoke Arts Commission, RIDE Solutions, and Valley Metro for this opportunity.

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