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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery N. Bullock


In this thesis I will present Steps Last, a pedagogy for teaching flamenco to non-Spaniards rooted in the translation of the Andalusian methodology for transmitting flamenco from one generation to another. At the same time, I will examine how flamenco, at its essence, shatters the notion of the machine-body, freeing us to seek and exist within the “vanishing point” as a way of achieving permanence through ephemerality. First, I will present the history of the Steps Last pedagogy and explain how rhythm, singing, history and improvisation must be mastered in flamenco if one is to move comfortably within the form. Second, I will propose that the steps become a secondary concern to the rhythm, the singing, improvisation, and history when we are looking to participate fully in the art form. Third, I will examine how Steps Last can be adapted for use by dancers of all levels and genres. Finally, I will examine Steps Last as a blueprint for the moment when we are seeking to present ourselves not only as dancers, but as complete beings in a state of Being. In my creative manifestation I will explore the freedom of working from this perspective through spontaneous movement stemming from a specific exploration of rhythm, inspiration, improvisation, and story. My objective is to use Steps Last as a way to explore permanence as we move within the vanishing point, that magical moment that defines the ephemerality of performance.


Thank you to my cohort, my mentors and my friends and family for helping me stay on track during this process.

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