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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery Bullock


Abstract This thesis explores the power of positive mindsets as it relates to creative movement development in dance for students living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) who also use motorized wheelchairs. This research dives into the development of movement mantras used to break negative mindsets and create thinking strategies that encourage movement development for varied bodies. As a result of collaborative efforts between the researcher, a student living with CP, and students living without CP, this study reveals that through the removal of mental barriers which complicate the accessibility of intentional movement in dance, students with CP may overcome obstacles that have previously bound their personal ability to move freely. Creating positive movement mantras opens up space for creativity and the possibility of developing inclusive environments for all abilities. The outcome of this research is captured through a creative manifestation that demonstrates the development of dance in an inclusive space through a series of explorations beginning in the classroom setting and ending in a black box theater.

Key Terms: Cerebral Palsy, Creative Movement, Dance, Disability, Inclusive, Varied Ability

Performance Access Statement

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