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MFA: Dance

Directing Professor

Jeffery Bullock


Researcher Eiby Lobos focuses on reconnecting with her ancestry through generational memory, generational ancestry, and sharing her ancestors' stories. At a young age, Lobos remembers going to Guatemala for the first time and not wanting to come back to the United States. There was a sense of belonging and memories that she felt in Guatemala. As Lobos has the privilege to visit her Indigenous motherland Guatemala, she shares how these generational memories have been embedded in her life and have given her the opportunity to delve into the past and present legacies of her Indigenous ancestors and their stories. Lobos shares the stories of the pain of her ancestors through colonialism in Guatemala. Lobos strives to recover and reveal the history of settler colonialism and Indigenous resistance in Guatemala. She discusses the importance of healing and remembering the dead due to the intergenerational trauma that her ancestors went through. A Maya Indigenous Guatemalan poet once said, “if the bones of the dead speak, why should the living keep quiet.” Not only does she highlight her voice and ancestor’s stories but also the voices of the highlands that have passed away and survived the silent holocaust, known as the genocide of Guatemala.

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