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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery Bullock


The 2020 pandemic caused by Covid 19, a deadly and contagious virus, revealed the fragility and limitations of the concert dance tradition as production and presentation were halted due to dependency on physical and temporal co-presence. Dance through modernity, has been contained and fixed to physical structures, such as the dance studio and theatre, faced a temporary arrest as quarantine measures and social distancing kept people disconnected from people and places. This article examines digital technology as an agile tool facilitating virtual connections for dance to move in throughout the pandemic shifting and shaping practices, such as performance and choreography, from its arrest in physical structural places of the concert dance tradition to the boundless conceptual computer mediated space of digital technology. Digital technology allows choreography to move beyond the physical structures put in place by modernity in the conceptual space of computer mediated experiences. Using Yi-Fu Tuan’s notion of space and place as a framework to examine dance, these two notions examine the limitations and possibilities of dance and its mobility: space as uninhabited, free, and uncharted and place, where humans form habits, contained, and fixed—inhabit.

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