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Year of Graduation


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MFA: Dance

Directing Professor

Jeffery Bullock


This thesis writing includes research regarding the ways that Black women have historically experienced additional labor in higher education settings. I examine the basis for when this additional labor began and the ways it has historically impacted this group. I explore the ways stereotypes, classroom trauma, and pressure to assimilate at times contribute to this additional labor. This writing explores some of the ways that this additional labor also shows up within dance classes and the process of creation for Black women that are artists. I provide information on the importance of self-education and the building of one’s identity and self-esteem. Throughout this research is also my personal journey to these realizations, the importance of holding on to aspects of the past, and my process of creating a dance work that exhibits the key aspects of this journey for me.

Performance Access Statement

If you wish to see the creative piece or performance that accompanied this thesis, please complete the Request Form, and you should receive a response from the Dance Department within two weeks.