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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery Bullock


The emergence of TikTok as a platform for dance content has revolutionized the dance industry providing new avenues for exposure, creativity, and self-promotion. Researcher Meg Dodini explores the impact of TikTok on the institution of dance, investigating opportunities for increased visibility, collaboration, and brand sponsorships. Moreover, TikTok has facilitated the creation of new dance styles and trends, fostering collaboration between artists and engagement with the viewer. It is important to acknowledge the drawbacks of TikTok's influence. This research or thesis aims to explore the potential biases surrounding the expectations of dance regarding appearance, spaces, and performance. It argues that TikTok provides a "toolkit" with elements of absurdity, parody, and intentional failure, allowing for the emergence of a new performative genre within the professional dance space. These elements may enable unconventional and marginalized bodies and identities to succeed on TikTok, reaching a wider audience and heightening the fundamental human needs of connection, relatability, and unrehearsed authenticity. Additionally, the study explores the role of TikTok as a platform dominated by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), who initiate and choreograph most dance trends. It addresses issues of appropriation and the importance of crediting original creators, particularly BIPOC folks who have historically experienced their work being appropriated by white creators. The research acknowledges the concerns associated with TikTok, such as the increasing prevalence of anxiety, depression, and body dissatisfaction among users. It discusses the need for promoting body positivity and body neutrality, highlighting the efforts of TikTok creators in championing these movements.

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