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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery Bullock


Researcher Russell Clarke contemplates the need for human belonging, looking into ways that human belonging shows up in the contemporary world. Clarke explores the interconnection between his identity and memories from his childhood along with exploring his life’s journey of searching for belonging. He focuses his research on main themes throughout his life that have influenced his need to belong: family, migration, dance, and his connection to the outdoors. Growing up in Scotland and later migrating to America, Clarke found his relationship with his family and dance as constant threads entangling and influencing his life—the call of his homeland is forever within him. Clarke explores the effects of migration on one’s journey of finding belonging. This work is integral for him to move forward and has been the impetus to begin his journey of finding a more purposeful and meaningful life. Clarke hopes to pass on his findings to the artists he has the privilege to work with, with the hope of encouraging them to begin their own journey of finding belonging both in and out of dance.

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