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MFA: Dance

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Jeffery Bullock


Researcher Joshua Lang investigates the development of the Eden narrative in western culture. Near the beginning of the book of Genesis, the Eden narrative provides a lens to culturally significant elements of early Hebrew culture. Genesis illustrates early Hebrew culture’s relationship with the natural world, sex, sin, judgment, and death. Similarly, John Milton’s retelling of the narrative in Paradise Lost divulges information about the culture that Milton lived in, as well as a great deal about the author himself. Milton’s blindness, and his opinions on heteronormative marriage, Protestantism, sin, judgment, and death are evident in the text. In Paradise Lost, Milton expands and develops the Edenic plot and characters. Milton’s Adam and Eve both have dreams. These dreams serve several literary functions, and have been the topic of intense scholarship. Lang uses the Edenic couple’s dreams, staged as a dream ballet, to make commentary on his relationship with sin and judgment. Lang argues that vices may not be our downfall, but can have redemptive qualities, offering joy and identity to the sinner’s life.

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