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MFA: Dance

Directing Professor

Jeffery N. Bullock


Researcher Elizabeth Becker uses personal experiences of pregnancy alongside scholarly research on the developmental movement patterns of the human embryo, fetus, and newborn’s first year of life to explore the multiplicity of these movement patterns within and outside the womb. Becker explores the relationship between the fertilization, germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages in relation to a newborn and its mother. These movement patterns within the beginning stages of life are valuable to research because they simulate neurodevelopmental patterns, which help wire the central nervous system in early childhood. These movements also help lay the foundation for sensory-motor development and life-long learning. Using contemporary dance performance as a medium, Becker creatively manifests her research while exploring how a somatic practice, such as Body-Mind Centering and dance performance by the mother, may contribute to movement in the womb.

Performance Access Statement

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