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MFA: Dance

Directing Professor

Jeffery Bullock


The black male experience and identity in America are filled with complexity. We struggle to know ourselves. We work to see the way of love and the peace of an unviolated free spirit. We want to engage with ourselves with the highest degree of freedom and comfort, not to continue to question our identity in a life-threatening white patriarchal masculinity ideal. Honoring oneself from the lenses of the Reconstruction era of the United States is essential. Reconceptualizing this history explores the significance of emphasizing Reconstruction in my life as a black male to go through a process of self-discovery and healing. Through this process, I have been given the ability to reclaim my black identity through healing, education, and self-acceptance while questioning the racial system of America and the value of a human being. This work hopes to shed light on the differences in black male perspectives and how those differences can only serve as a bridge of restoration in the black community about manhood, giving us agency and being our authentic selves in the community to revitalize what black manhood is and could be.

Performance Access Statement

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