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MFA: Dance

Directing Professor

Jeffery Bullock


This research explores the democratization of dance making and the freedom of audience choice in a live performance setting by incorporating the use of interactive digital experiences. The written document describes the creative manifestation and explores the intersection of social media, identity, and the incorporation of chance procedures in the interactive live performance. Data was collected from approximately 40 audience members who attended the presentation using an online poll and post-performance survey utilizing the Slido app. Results showed that the interactivity did not contribute to the feeling of ownership by a two-to-one margin, even though it did contribute to an increased feeling of engagement with the material. Results further showed that the traditional cinematic film format was vastly more engaging by a margin of over sixteen to one. The last metric examined audience preference regarding the sharing of the film content on social media and demonstrated a significant preference for the traditional format by a margin of over four to one. Theoretical, practical, and creative implications of the results are discussed.

Performance Access Statement

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