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Table of Contents:

  • Autumn is a Time for Dreaming, is it Not?
  • A Further Wreath for George Garrett
  • Rubin's Bib. A Boon to Southern lit
  • Mostly the Old Familiar Faces
  • East Anglia at Hollins
  • One Good Term Deserves Another
  • Faye's Back
  • Lucky Thirteen: Graduate Students From All Over
  • Hollins Writers Big In Bantam Book
  • Itinerant (And Domestic) Bards, Scholars, Spinners of Yarns
  • Barnstorming Bards on the Go Again
  • Bright Particular Stars
  • Threat for Seniors, Courtesy of Janney Fund
  • Hollins Critic
  • As the Academic Year Swings into High Gear
  • A Virgin Dead
  • Quirky, Irascible, Humorous, Speculative, Melancholy
  • Medieval Miscellany
  • To the King's English, Gentlemen
  • Flicks Infiltrate Curriculum
  • What Do You Hear from 'em?
  • This Happy Breed: A Googly Crop of Majors
  • A Look at Books
  • Bradley Beat: Mini-Memoirs of the English Faculty
  • Strike Slow For U.S. Culture At No Cost To Yourself
  • Fare Thee Well

Publication Date


Calliope's Comments, vol. 6, no. 1 (1969 Nov 1)